Power to Purchasers

Self-Insured Employers need to take back control. You need a way to efficiently and transparently discover, evaluate, procure, implement and measure performance of benefits solutions and providers. You need a way to discover other employers with common needs and group together for mutual benefit. SubPop Health enables you to...


Population analysis highlights opportunities. Education on possible benefit solutions.


Discover, evaluate and narrow potential benefit solution providers.


Source potential benefit solution providers as individual organization or group.


Contract with selected providers for individual organization use or for group use.


Integrate contracted solution providers; educate and gain employee uptake.


Measure employee uptake and affect on employee acquisition, retention and claims cost management.

Direct Access for Solution Providers

Health Benefit Solution providers want to connect directly with Purchasers. Solution Providers need access to the self-insured purchasers without going through biased and expensive middlemen. You want to connect to qualified purchasers with active needs directly. You want their performance to speak directly to purchasers. You want to reduce or remove antiquated purchasing and transaction costs. You want visibility on where they stand in the marketplace. SupPop Health enables Solution Providers to:


Teach purchasers the benefits of the category and how and why to acquire solutions.


Fact based, peer reviewed profiles illustrating fit for Purchaser's needs maintained by solution providers as an "Evergreen RFI".


Category unique direct negotiation and contracting methods using standards blessed by both Purchasers and solution providers.


Set-up group contracts allowing for unique scope and pricing to more purchasers while reducing sales and legal costs.


Implement solutions more efficiently and rapidly; standardize employee engagement across Purchasers.


Unambiguous KPIs measured regularly and shared between Purchaser and Providers.

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